Burr Extends Chester Contract 


Chester FC have announced that they have today secured the services of Steve Burr as Manager for an extended term, on a deal to at least the end of the 2016/17 season. 

In welcoming this news CFU Chairman Grenville Millington said: “This is a great day in the development of our Club and the Board’s delight in securing this deal will no doubt be shared by all our fans. The on-field progress this season is there for everyone to see. We are playing exciting attacking football and have secured some tremendous results this season from what is essentially a very young squad. This can only bode well for next season and beyond.” 

Speaking after the signing and exchange of contract documents earlier this afternoon, Steve Burr commented: “I am absolutely delighted to have extended my contract with the Club. I am pleased with the progress we have made from last season. The Club has got a fantastic supporter base both home and away and I firmly believe we have the potential to take Chester FC back into the Football League. I am not saying it’s going to be easy and we have a long way to go but our progress is in the right direction.” 

Hopefully, we will have a good turn-out for our home game against Woking on Saturday to show our support for Steve and his team. COYB!

Read more: http://www.chesterfc.com/news/article/blues-secure-steve-burr-as-manager-for-extended-term-2360216.aspx#KFtdC5Zy5udUmr8B.01


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