AFC Fylde To Spend 75K On Promotion Bid


AFC Fylde have this morning announced plans to improve Kellamergh Park in their bid for promotion to the Vanarama Conference.

With their new stadium not scheduled for completion until February 2016, the current ground at Kellamergh Park doesn’t reach the Conference standard, so should they continue their phenomenal progress on the field they will have to improve the ground in certain areas.

In a statement on the clubs website they confirm improvements are needed in 3 key areas. Firstly the floodlights needed a better LUX reading, which they confirm has now been completed.

Secondly, covered seating is required for 500 people, which Fylde currently are able to provide for 283, so there is a new 250 seater stand on order, ready to be installed in March.

And lastly, the Conference require a ground capacity of 4000, which would require Fylde to install new safety barriers and improvements to the perimeter fencing.

They expect all work to cost in the region of £75,000, indeed a large sum of money for something they won’t need in 12 months when they move to their new ground. But with the exceptional rate that their progress is happening on the field, should they clinch promotion this season it’d be a shame that with all the hard work manager Dave Challinor has put into the team, they’d be denied promotion due to off-field regulations.


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