FC United to Lodge At Curzon


FC United to lodge at Curzon until Broadhurst Park is ready.

FC United confirm all remaining home fixtures will be played at Curzon Ashton’s Tameside Stadium, after too many fixture clashes coming up with current landlords Stalybridge Celtic.

The first home game will be the league fixture against Barwell on December 20th.

However, they will still visit Bower Fold one final time on Sunday January 18th as their fixture with Nantwich clashes with a Curzon home game.


One thought on “FC United to Lodge At Curzon

  1. I think ‘ New / ReNamed ‘ clubs should be given a maximum, say 4 years, to establish a ‘Home’ ground or NO PROMOTIONS ! To squat around for 10 years whilst financing a squad is unfair competition. Not only FC, But NVFC should only ground-share for a limited time and 1874 should have 4 years to establish a permanent ‘ Home ‘ – Maintaining a ground also ‘ uses ‘ resources ! Obviously its a National issue, I’m citing local examples not ‘ picking on ‘ specific clubs, as such !

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