Barnton Take Gamble On Tuck


Barnton sign Shaun Tuck in shock transfer news.

Barnton FC are delighted to announce the signing of Shaun Tuck. Who will be joining the squad after his ban in the New Year. Shaun will bring with him a vast array of experience at a higher level where he has scored goals regularly.
This also provides the club with an opportunity to support Shaun in his rehabilitation. Shaun was banned in April for 8 months and as a result has spent a lot of time out of the game.
At Barnton FC we celebrate our diversity and encourage others within the game to do the same. We are proud of having players and coaches from a variety of different ethnicities, cultures and faiths and believe passionately that this environment will support Shaun’s reintegration into non-league football


Manager Allan Glover said on the signing:

As a teacher I am only too familiar with giving people second chances and opportunities to grow, develop and change, I believe that Shaun has learnt from what was clearly a mistake. Neither I nor the club can condone Shaun’s past. However, he has been very humble in his meetings with the club and I believe he is genuinely remorseful and wants to move on with his football career. Therefore, if the FA are prepared to give him an opportunity to prove that he has changed then I believe Barnton will be only one of a long list of clubs willing to give him the opportunity. On the field Shaun has many attributes and will be a great asset to our promotion drive.
Shaun has completed an FA learning programme which educates in equality and diversity within the game and has spoken to members of the Barnton squad and Management team already to ask for forgiveness and a chance to be part of the set up.
The only way he can prove to anybody that he has learned from his mistakes is through actions on the field and in and around the club. He cannot breach our club code of conduct and we will not accept a repeat of this type of behaviour. He knows this and is appreciative of the opportunity.

Shaun Said:

I’m absolutely made up to be signing for Barnton, I owe Rossi and Glover big time for giving me the chance to get back playing when many probably wouldn’t.
I want to take this opportunity to apologise for my conduct over the last 18 months. I’ve let myself, my family a few football clubs down with my conduct away from football for which I’ve been punished severely, with a prison sentence and an 8 month ban from football.
My life has never been straight forward since I lost my Mum a week after my 15th birthday, then losing my Dad 10 years later. My Dad was everything to me, following me all over the country to watch every game I was involved with.
I’ve realised my anger towards losing my parents, and I’m currently addressing my problems away from football to make me a more rounded person, and to help me deal with my emotions better.
I deeply regret the trouble I’ve caused and the people close to me who I’ve let down and hurt, and I won’t ever forgive myself for that.
I’m hoping in time I can make amends and get back to doing what I love, playing football and scoring goals.

Chairman Ian Ross added:

I’ve known Shaun for a long time now, and I was gutted to see the situation he’d put himself in recently, he had let himself down massively.
I’ve spoken to him regularly over the last few months and one thing is clear, he is desperate to make amends for his actions of that there is no doubt.
He’s coming to a club where both the Chairman and Manager know him personally, and in that sense he is fortunate and understands what is required of him.
The rest is down to Shaun, and I am 100% convinced that given the chance he won’t let me, the club, himself or indeed football down again.
We all know what a player he is, and what he will bring to the squad. I just want us to look after him here and give him the platform to redeem himself and produce the goods on the pitch where it matters.


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