NonLeagueReview, Reviews…..New Kits – Chorley FC


Like many, Chorley have gone with three different sponsors for the three different kits. Not a bad idea, it gives the chance of a few local businesses to get the exposure and support their local club.

Obviously Chorley have stuck with the black and white stripes they are so famous for with the home kit. But, the first thing that strikes me is the size of the sponsors logo emblazoned across the front. The sponsor will certainly get the exposure they’ve paid for. I put a shout out across social media asking if the fans liked the kits, one response from a Chorley fan was that the logo was stiff and not designed for a women with curves! Anyway despite that, still a nice top and Joma have done well.

No complaints about the red away kit, simple and modest yet beautifully designed that it really does stand out. Joma seem to be designing and producing a lot of kits at the moment, and I’m still yet to find one I really don’t like.

The third, or alternate away kit as they get called these days is a modest little purple number. Not as affective or stand out as the red away one but it looks ok.

Home – 7
Away – 8
Alternate – 6
Average – Rating 7/10

Love the away top, home is ok, logo too big. Alternate kit is ok I suppose.


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