#5MinuteFriday – Phil Brennan (The Man From Uruguay)

Danny Begara

With the season all but over, attention soon turns to the summer holidays. The chance to relax after a hard season and sit in the sun with a beer in one hand and a book in the other. One book I’ll be taking on my holiday is ‘The Man From Uruguay’ written by Phil Brennan.

The Man from Uruguay is the brainchild of local journalist and Stockport County fanatic Phil Brennan, Phil tells me how he started the book honouring  County’s legendary manager Danny Bergara, after a chance meeting with Bergara’s sister-in-law.

Danny Bergara is widely known as one of the first foreign managers in English football, he took charge of Stockport County in 1989 after a short spell in charge of Rochdale. He enjoyed 6 years in charge at Edgeley Park and led Stockport to Wembley, being  the first foreign manager to do so. After a succesful spell in charge Bergara is remembered as a legend and even has the Main Stand at Edgeley Park named after him.

Getting back to the book and how it came about, Phil tell’s me he had always wanted to write the book about the man who brought the good times to Edgeley Park. After working at EP as a journalist when Bergara was manager, Phil say’s writing the story of Danny Bergara was a dream come true. It all came about a few months after Danny had left Edgeley Park and Phil was working, unbeknown to him at Danny’s sister in laws house. Conversation turned to football and she mentioned her brother-in-law was a football manager and to cut a long story short, it was Danny Bergara. Phil mentions he’d always wanted to write this book and she suggest he phone him, so Phil nervously rings him and as they say, the rest is history. Although the book nearly never came about, after already agreeing to let Phil write the book, Danny rings Phil back around a month later and say’s he’s agreed to let major journalist Brian Granville write the story instead. However it never materialised and a few years later he got a second chance to write the book and this time it went ahead.

Coming on the website http://www.dannybergara.co.uk soon is a selection of short videos showing Danny coaching. These will also be up on the Man From Uruguay Facebook page too, along with images not shown in the book. Without giving too much away, Phil talks about this book passionately as he devoted a lot of his time to getting it written and published. It originally started out as a book on Danny’s 6 years at Edgeley Park, but as Jan (Danny’s wife) kept a scrapbook with enough information to make the book much more than that, it turned into a story about his rise from a Montevideo farm to the Lord of Edgeley Park.

The book is on Kindle for download and more paper copies are expected to be in the shops soon.

Buy the book from here: http://www.dannybergara.co.uk/ or on Kindle: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Man-Uruguay-Bergara-Footballing-Journey-ebook/dp/B00I21RBWO/ref=la_B00I3FKRPM_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1399578925&sr=1-1

Keep upto date with any re-releases and special offers with the social media pages of ‘The Man From Uruguay’
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManFromUruguay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheManfromUruguay


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