#5MinuteFriday – Curtis Woodhouse

curtis wgoole top

Professional footballer, world champion Boxer, troll hunter and football manager, we caught up with the man with many talents, current Goole AFC boss Curtis Woodhouse.

1) When you quit football early for boxing, did ever you think you’d go into management?

1. No never, it was never anything that interested me, but as time went on I always thought I’d enjoy it so I tried it and loved it.

2) Was winning the title in boxing your biggest sporting achievement so far?

2. Yes by a mile, to start off ranked 147th in Britain out of 147 and get to the number 1 spot and then become British champion is something I’m very proud of.

3) How could you top that in football?

3. One day to manage Sheffield United would run it very close. The team i played for and support would be a very proud achievement.

4) Can you continue to box and manage next season?

4. I won the English and British titles while managing Sheffield FC and Goole AFC so why not?

And finally
5) Tell us how much you’re looking forward to next season and any plans you might have.

5. Really looking forward to next season, since I’ve been in charge of Goole the results have really picked up and the lads have been top Class, if we can add 4 or 5 good signings I think we can give anybody in the league a run for their money.


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