Runcorn v Ashton Through an 8 yr olds eyes.


My lad has been asking for weeks to come to a game with me, and Runcorn Linnets kindly allowed him to tag along with me today and he got a peek behind the scenes. I told him if he was coming he’d have to write about it.
So heres my 8yr old lad’s match report.


1st Half
Runcorn were starting off well but they couldnt score because they were rubbish shots so they conceded a goal.
I think the ref made some wrong decisions in the first half.

2nd Half
In the second half they continued to play well butin the 53rd minute they conceded again but the shots and passing were getting better.
I think Ashton Athletic Couldve got a 3rd goal but they stopped to take it and missed.

Runcorn played the best but i think that Ashton deserved the win because there shots were about 93% accurate while Runcorn was about 61% accurate but only in the second half.

Here’s his home made teamsheet.



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