#5MinuteFriday Matt Jansen

We caught up with Chorley FC assistant manager earlier this week and asked him some of your questions. Heres what he had to say.

Hi Matt, cheers for doing this for us. Appreciate you taking 5 minutes to answer a few questions.

1. It’s said this is the best CFC side of the Team Flitcroft era. How does it compare to promotion winning squad of 2010-11?

There is a lot of different personnel in the team now since then! I feel we have a stronger dressing room both mentally and physically! I believe this is the best team Garry and I have been in charge of and feel we have the squad which is good enough to win this league!

2. where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you fancy management yourself?

5 days is a long time in football, let alone 5 years! I am happy working alongside Garry at the moment and have plenty of time to consider being a manager myself. At the moment I am enjoying it at Chorley and i’m busy completing my coaching badges so honest answer to the question is who knows what next week brings let alone 5 years!

3. You obviously get on well with Garry. Do you ever clash and can you see yourselves working together in the professional game?

We don’t really clash, in fact I think we compliment each other well! Occasionally we may have a difference of opinion but I think that’s healthy in every leadership team whatever the career as you need to consider all the options . I see us as a good cop bad cop if I’m honest! Not saying who good cop or bad cop is though!!!!!!!! And yes I can definitely see us in the professional game and who says we can’t do that with Chorley first?

4. It’s great having You at CFC but if you hadn’t had that horrific injury would how would your career have been different?

Who knows??? I had just broken onto the international scene when my accident happened! I could torture myself forever looking back on what may or may not have been. But I think the best way for me to get over having to retire prematurely from top flight football is to focus on the future and the difference I can make through coaching.

5. Your winning a lot of games, cup ones included. Is the squad strong enough for all these games and will it hinder the league performances and position come the end of the season.

I feel that it is always great to win and it becomes a habit. We are in all the cups which brings a lot of games but If we can stay injury free I’m sure we will be fine! Even I got a run out along with other squad players on Tuesday to rest lads who have played week in week out! If we do this I’m sure we will have enough depth in the squad and we also have an excellent dressing room worthy of being champions this season!

Once again thanks for your time, we look forward to reporting on Chorley tomorrow and wish you the best of luck.


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