#5MinuteFriday Rhodri Giggs & Mike Norton

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This week we caught up with FC United stars Rhodri Giggs and Mike Norton. They both took time out to answer a few questions for our Friday feature #5MinuteFriday. Here we ask them about the rumours of international football and we ask Mike about THAT goal.

First up Rhodri Giggs.
1. We and a few others have seen a couple of articles recently linking you with playing for Sierra Leone. Any truth in these rumours?

1. It’s very flattering but no truth in it, I don’t think it would be ideal when I’ve not even started a game for FC all season. I’m welsh and even though I would love to play international football I think there’s far too many people playing for a second country because they can’t get in their chosen birth place. So no there is no truth in it, but funnily enough the papers got it wrong which surprises me hahaha

2. You’ve got coaching badges and have previously been in charge at Salford City. Is there a plan to go into management when you finish playing?

2. Yes I have some coaching badges and currently I’ve been speaking to the manager about getting more. I would like to get back into it one day and become a manager, but I’m fit & still want to play. I’m involved daily with the FC youth development which I’m really enjoying.


3. As a fan of FCUM will you be wanting to end your playing career here and is there plenty of life left in the old legs?

3. It’s been very frustrating for me it’s not something I’ve been used to being on the bench. I’m one of the fittest people on the team, But I’m yet to start a game this season. I let myself down against Stafford Rangers this season and I can’t be lowering my standards. It was not good enough, but even sometimes you’ve just got to respect the managers decision and give you’re best when called upon, and I’ll use my Experience for the rest of the boys cause there is a lot of young lads in the team, and will defo finish here. I’m looking at another couple of years yet before I retire, I’m only 36 not 40 like some oap’s still playing hahaha

Thanks to Rhodri for his time and now Mike answers a few questions for us.

1. You must have received offers to play at higher placed teams, whats made you stay at FCUM?

1. Yes I’ve had offers to go higher, but I always wanted to play for FC and when your here you don’t want to leave.

2. ‘That’ goal will make you part of FCUM history forever, have you ever scored a more important one?

2. I’ve not scored a more important goal for FC but i scored the winner for Curzon Ashton against Exeter in Fa cup 1st round. But there all important.

mike norton

3. You’ve missed out on the playoffs in last few years, can you go one better this year?

3. Hopefully this year is the year, We’ve not started the best but we’re not that far away. We will start 2nd half of the season strong and see where it takes us.

4. You’ve not got the best disciplinary record. Are you changing your style once you’ve served this next ban, you’ve got to be gutted at missing out again this season?

4. I started in non league when I was 16, I think I’ve been sent of about 6 or 7 times, that’s in 16 years so I don’t think it’s that bad. But this hasn’t been the best start of the season this year for one reason or another, and I’m gutted I’ve got a ban coming up. But when that’s up I’m not getting involved in anything any more, but the refs get my blood boiling.

Thanks to both for taking 5 minutes out to chat to us. Next week we have Chorley FC assistant manager Matt Jansen answering your questions in our #5MinuteFriday feature. If you have any questions for Matt get them in to us.


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